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•Blended Fabrics•

Wool is a perfect fiber.  It has scales and is crimped, which are two key properties that allows woolen fibers to attach to one another.  Typically, finer wools like Merino have more crimping which allows for a smoother and stronger finish to the fabric.  The crimping also creates pockets in between the fibers which holds air and creates insulation.  Additionally, the fiber isn't hollow, but absorbs up to a third of its weight in water without appearing or feeling wet.  In short, it is the original performance textile.

Much like whisk(e)y, wool is it's own highlight reel.  However, many people would agree that Manhattan's and Old Fashioned's are great cocktails.  To that end, when wool is blended with other textiles magic can be made.

From cotton, silk and linen to mohair, acrylic and cashmere, wool can be blended with a wide variety of other yarns.  Our fabric mills carefully design and combine colors, weaves, techniques and textiles to create fabrics for each season.  The base, however, is almost always wool.

This spring/summer season has plenty of options.  There is linen galore but also browns and sky blue as well as plenty of checks and plaids.  There isn't a wrong way to go, but playing with different fabrics can be exciting to figure out what's best for your wardrobe this summer.